Green is an interactive generative audio-visual installation driven by live video input. It was conceived and constructed in 2002 for the Modular 2002 event held at the London College of Music & Media.

It is being presented again at the University of Bonn for the 2004 Musik Im Spiel Symposium between Wednesday September 29 and Saturday October 2.

Green is a space in which the visitor can come into immediate contact with an invisible apparatus that is generating and modifying sound and images in real time.

The system responds directly to human actions but is not merely a video-controlled instrument. The visitor's movements provide the initial impulse that sets a process into motion, which is modelled after biological patterns of growth and reproduction. In the beginning stages of this process when the resulting 'organism' is in its infantile stages, the correlation between human input and resulting A/V output are easily recognisable. But, as the organism evolves in complexity, the point is reached at which the visitor is no longer certain what his actions are actually controlling. This is the central and defining moment of the experience with Green and is a reflection of man's relationship to his natural environment.

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