On entering the space the visitor is presented with Da Vinci’s famous study of proportions, The Vitruvian Man (1492). This image demonstrates the Fibonacci proportions and serves as starting point for the journey through the installation. Moving one's arms along the circle in a method suggested by The Vitruvian Man activates the system.

Generation One serves as a sort of tutorial in how the installation works. It is not likely that the uninitiated visitor will stand immediately in the proper position, but through trial and error it may be possible to solve the riddle and it becomes clear that their actions do affect the resulting audio and visual output. There is the chance that at this point the visitor will find this game frustrating, not fully understanding their invovement with the organism, and leave without experiencing subsequent generations.

If the visitor continues to activate the triggers the generation will increment and reward them with more interesting audio and visual elements. But once the feedback has started through the movement of the video loops, the riddle becomes more complex.

This 'Moment of Uncertainty' is the defining point of the installation. The degree of one’s desire for a level of control is an important element in experiencing Green, and can be seen as a microcosmic model of man’s interaction with his natural environment.

Can we accept being a mere portion of something of which we have only partial control?

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