Upon entering the darkened room the visitor encounters a large video projection screen on which a series of visual 'generations' is shown. A surround-sound audio system provides the musical feedback, and synchronises with the visual generations.

The progression from one generation to the next is dependent how much activity is registered by the system. The more activity there is, the more complex the audio and visual becomes. The activity of the video projection is also registered by the system, and generations can progress without the aid of the human actor.

Two video cameras are used by the system. The first is trained on the screen, and registers the action in the space - both on-screen and human activity. The information received from this camera is used to choose randomly from the Fibonacci series of numbers to control parameters of a bank of FM synthesisers. There are no prerecorded audio segments.

The second camera is used to view the installation space. The resulting image is mixed dynamically with pre-recorded video loops, exploiting different video effects in each generation. There are natural envelopes of tension and and release: moments of flourishing, dense activity are contrasted by moments in which the organism comes to rest.


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